Have a look to the Riccardo Marzi Collection

What it is not: it is not glass, it is not ceramic, it is not crystal, it’s not painted, it is not amber and above all it is not PLASTIC!
What it is: it’s an Italian workmanship product made of a transparent resin embedding REAL Nature’s element.
They’re handmade pieces of high craftsmanship, enclosing in their transparencies the poetry and the magic of Nature’s colours. Each product of our collection hides inside itself a small natural micro world inspired by the wonderful landscapes of Tuscany. Ears of wheat, gilding our hills; chili peppers, flavouring our dishes; autumn leaves, turning our avenues into coloured carpets; citrus fruits, fresh sun-juices of our cold winter skies; river pebbles, smoothed by water and time. And then bay leaves, seashells, spices, barley, oats ... each material, embedded inside our products, live a second life and reborn in a bright unique and refined object showing a postcard inspired by Nature itself.

Raw Material

Raw Material

Albert Einstein once said: “everything you can imagine, Nature has already created it”. And so we men, we have the privilege of being able to enjoy these wonders as well as the duty to try to safeguard them. We draw directly from Nature our raw material, this is what makes our pieces unique and original; obviously we buy from our suppliers most of the elements we use but there are exceptions: for example, the chili peppers that we use for our Peperoncino Collection, are grown and dried by us directly. A small growing, allowing us to meets the demand of chili for a whole year.
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