Use and Care

Riccardo Marzi products are made of resin and for the last finishing we use a special food safe film.
Nevertheless it’s more a decorative object than a daily use one.
It is preferable to wash our objects by hand using a mild soſt dish soap and water. We do not recommend dishwasher (by using dishwasher the object might lose its brightness over time). Obviously the use of the microwave is not allowed.
Although resin recalls glass for its transparency, our objects are not made of glass which means that they’re not as delicate as glass; that doesn’t mean that they’re unbreakable because, we remind you, it is not plastic neither!!!
Use of knives could scratch the surface so we recommend you to use sharp tools only on items that have other supports in wood or glass (cutting boards or serving trays)

Time is not an enemy of our objects because what the elements inside are vacuum sealed.
A prolonged sun exposure might bleach the colours however.

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