"You know that land where lemon orchards bloom, its golden oranges aglow in gloom, 

that land of soft wind blowing from blue sky, where myrtle hushes and the laurel's high?

You know that land? That way! That way I'd go with you, my love, and go today!"

J.W Goethe

Wheat and Collection (N)

This collection is one of the most appreciated by our customers.

The citrus orange contrasts with the green of the bay leaves, everything embraced by the elegance of the spikes.

A winning combination that, thanks to its colors, recalls the orange groves of our beautiful Sicily, where long rows of trees hide the fragrant oranges among their green fronds.

The peculiarity of all our objects, including this collection, is that they’re made of a transparent clear resin, inside which, flowers, leaves, shells and other natural elements seem to be "suspended" forever, reminding the magic of fossil ambers: all the elements inside will keep that look and colours forever. The result will be objects of daily use that "seize" glimpses of natural landscapes, as if they were "living postcards".

All manufacturing phases are accomplished by our laboratory near Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, inexhaustible showcase of the best Made in Italy craft products.

Search among the products and pick the matching you like the most!

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Flower Vase Wheat and Orange Collection cm 9x9 h33

Flower Vase with real orange slices and ears of wheat embedded inside. Perfect as ...

135,00 €
Sales price: 115,00 €
115,00 €
Discount: -20,00 €

Flower vase/fragrance diffuser Wheat and Orange Collection cm 27x12 h 15

Centerpiece, single flower stand/ home fragrance diffuser with real ears of wheat and ...

94,00 €
Sales price: 79,90 €
79,90 €
Discount: -14,10 €
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