• "Colours...

  • ...like features...

  • ...always follow...

  • ...emotions...

  • ...changes"

  • Pablo

  • Picasso

Online Shop by Riccardo Marzi

Browse the world Riccardo Marzi, get lost among the colors of the different collections and choose the one that better fits your style.

All the products you will find are created by drawing inspiration from Nature itself and handmade by skilled craftsmen.

A production that is different from the most classic and traditional workmanship but that embodies all values, passion and creativity of the Made in Italy tradition.

Each piece represents a sort of "postcard" in which we have enclosed real natural elements (chilis, slices of orange, ears of wheat); you can therefore enjoy the nuances and colors of these objects forever since the passage of time will not change in any way the elements enclosed within it.

Then we just have to wish you good ride inside Riccardo Marzi's world!

Discover the online shop of made in Tuscany resin products signed by Riccardo Marzi 

Latest Products

Salad Server set Spring Collection cm 32x6 h2

Salad Server Set with real spring coloured flowers embedded inside. Perfect as serving ...

56,00 €
Sales price: 46,00 €
46,00 €
Discount: -10,00 €

Rectangular candle holder Spring Collection cm 36x13 h4

Rectangular candle holder with real spring coloured flowers. Perfect as centerpiece.

98,00 €
Sales price: 84,00 €
84,00 €
Discount: -14,00 €

Top ten Products

Small Round Bowl Zagare Collection diam cm 14 h6

Small Round Bowl with real orange slices embedded inside. Perfect as Pot pourri bowl or ...

48,00 €
Sales price: 33,00 €
33,00 €
Discount: -15,00 €

Small Round Bowl Wheat and Orange Collection diam cm 14 h6

Small Round Bowl with real orange slices and ears of wheat embedded inside. Perfect as ...

48,00 €
Sales price: 33,00 €
33,00 €
Discount: -15,00 €
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