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Buying an item just for the pleasure of it? Why not? After all, nowadays most of the things we own are superfluous, only few of them would be really necessary: that’s consumerism principle. What is certain is that ours are no ordinary objects, they are not the classic knick-knacks born only to be dusted on your shelves: a piece of the Riccardo Marzi collection is original, tasteful, of high quality and above all it embodies all the passion with which it was made.

Each object is made of transparent resin, inside which real flowers, leaves, shells and other natural elements are "suspended" forever, reminding the magic of fossil ambers: what is inside will keep that look and those colours forever.

A unique and particular craft inspired by Nature and its infinite nuances. All the products listed below are handmade and are the result of years of experience in the processing of this material.

The capacity to still feel wonder is essential to the creative process
Donald W. Winnicott

According to the age we’re living in, increasingly few things are able to surprise us anymore; we hope that our products will at least capture your attention and stimulate magical sensations. Through this transient immersion amongst our colourful items, framed inside poetic “postcards”, your senses will be so developed that you may even smell the fragrances of our flowers!

Enjoy your journey inside RM world

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Some objects chosen for you

Nessuna immagine impostata

Round bowl diam cm 36

Round bowl with ears of wheat, oat, embedded inside. Perfect as fruitbowl

78,00 €
Nessuna immagine impostata

Round plate diam cm 35 h cm 4,55

Round plate with oats and nigella embedded inside. Perfect as fruitbowl

68,00 €

Spoon rest Tiffany Collection cm 30x9 h2

Spoon rest with real seashells and turquoise mother of pearl embedded inside

32,00 €

Round Bowl/Centerpiece Wheat in Red Collection

Round Bowl with real ears of wheat and red bellflowers embeded inside. Perfect as centerpiece.

72,00 €

Square Centerpiece Butterfly Collection

Square Centerpiece with real cotton pods embedded inside

127,00 €
Nessuna immagine impostata

Round plate diam cm 35 h cm 4,50

Round plate with seashells and sailor rope embedded inside. Perfect as fruitbowl

68,00 €
401 H2

Set of 6 coasters diam cm 10 h1,5

Set of 6 round coasters with lake reed elements. Perfect as coasters or soap dish.

54,00 €

Square candle holder Chili Collection cm 19x19 h4

Square candle holder with real chili peppers and spices embedded inside. Perfect as centerpiece.

62,00 €
Nessuna immagine impostata

Square Plate cm 19x19 h 4

Square Plate with cotton podsa and blades of grass honesty embedded inside.

32,00 €

Square Plate "VELA" Berries Collection

Square plate with real oak leaves and red berries embedded inside.

54,90 €

Small Round Bowl Zagare Collection diam cm 14 h6

Small Round Bowl with real orange slices embedded inside. Perfect as Pot pourri bowl or candy bowl

32,00 €

Square plate Vela Christmas Collection

Square Plate with real fern, butcher's broom and red beads embedded inside.

54,90 €

5 reasons to buy from us

  1. You'll purchase the real Made in Italy
  2. You'll support local craftmanship
  3. You'll know what you buy and who's producing it
  4. You'll get a "piece of Tuscany" right beside you
  5. You'll buy a very unique piece

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