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- Saint Augustine -


Souvenir <suvnìir> s. m., fr. [from the lat. to "come to rescue"]. - Object purchased as reminder from a place one has visited

Although the word souvenir has a predominantly negative connotation, stating mostly inexpensive and small objects, we like the idea of defining our objects as "Souvenirs", ascribing them the French meaning of the term: memory.

Riccardo Marzi products are sold in many Italian and foreign stores; most of our Italian retailers have tourists as customers, visiting our beautiful art heritage cities, or the hidden charming villages throughout the hills, or seaside or mountain.

In all these shops selling the most traditional italian handmade crafts, tourists from all over the world are looking for special objects to bring home as a precious souvenir of their journey or to give as present to their beloved ones.
Undoubtedly our objects represent a perfect memory of Italy: the colours, the pattersn, the used natural elements, much of our objects recall their Italian character and for this reason they are perfect "Souvenir d'Italie".

This website gives you the opportunity to buy one of our items as a souvenir directly from your home: maybe because when you have been in Italy you didn't bump into our products, or you found them but you regretted not purchasing them for some reason or simply because you bought them but you want to expand your collection ... or even because you love Italy and you are looking for everything recalling this country.

Here we are, therefore, at your disposal! Take a virtual trip to Tuscany and browse through our postcards!

Offer and online sale of Tuscan resin souvenirs: promotions at exclusive prices!

Some souvenirs chosen for you


Oil/Vinegar Set Chili Collection cm 19x12 h15

Oil/Vinegar Set with real red chili peppers embedded inside.

54,90 €
Nessuna immagine impostata

Square tray cm 35x35 h cm 4

Square tray with real blue oat and nigella embedded inside.

75,00 €

Oval Centerpiece Zagare Collection

Oval tray with real orange slices embedded inside. Perfect as Centerpiece

69,90 €

Oil/Vinegar/Salt/Pepper Set Wheat in Red Collection cm 28x12 h20

Oil/Vinegar/Salt/Pepper Set with real ears of wheat and red bellflowers embedded inside

67,90 €
Nessuna immagine impostata

Square Plate cm 19x19 h 4

Square Plate with cottono pods and mixed blades of grass embedded inside.

32,00 €

Vase Set LOTO Livingstone Collection White/Grey barble pebbles

Vase set Loto with real marble pebbles pebbles embedded inside.

155,00 €

Oval tray/centerpiece Tiffany Collection cm 32x46 h7

Oval tray with real seashells and turquoise mother of pearl embedded inside. Perfect as Centerpiece or serving tray.

164,90 €

Oval Centerpiece Berries Collection

Oval tray with real berries and leaves embedded inside.

69,90 €

Photo Frame Butterfly Collection cm 18x23

Photo frame with real cotton pods embedded inside

49,90 €

Flower Vase Chili Collection cm 9x9 h33

Flower Vase with real red chili peppers embedded inside. Perfect as centerpiece

115,00 €

S.SPIRITO FLORENCE CHURCH cm 15,5x21 Wheat in Red Collection

Reproduction made of a clear resin of the S.Spirito Church in Florence. Made with real wheat and oak embedded inside. For Italian lovers.

58,00 €

Round Bowl/Centerpiece Zagare Collection

Round Bowl with real orange slices embedded inside. Perfect as centerpiece

72,00 €
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