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For private customers -Resin products with your personal items embedded inside

In over 40 years of experience in the processing of transparent resin, we have collected a lot of weird requests from our customers, most of “doubtful” taste, so to speak! However, when it was possible, we have tried to satisfy unusual requests having a meaningful  reason, having to do with feelings and memories. Obviously, creating customized products with your personal belongings, can have a very variable cost which will be measurable only  after considering the project; therefore we invite you to contact us to present us your project and we will reply as soon as possible. If you’re curious to know what kind of requests we’ve receive, here there are some of them:

- series of photo frames with old coins and banknotes

- personalized room key-rings for different hotels and b&B

- several favors with personal belongings of the customers

- “first tooth” embedded in the resin

These are just some of the projects realized ...

Corporate gifts - Eternal impressions: give us your materials, we will make unique and original objects

Thanks to the multiple potentialities of resin, we’ve recently approached the world of corporate gift by providing our process techniques for the creation of special objects: thanks to the transparency of resin, we can create objects enhancing the characteristics of the different materials we might put inside according to the requests; so the inside material become the real main character of the object.

Your waste material, will live a second life inside the resin, becoming unique and original objects, ideal for innovative corporate gift solutions.

Here are some examples of how various materials recovered from a manufacturing process can reborn again in a bright unique item.

  • Vineyard Topsoil Decanter holder - for a popular italian wine Company

  • grape seeds key holder - for another popular wine Company

  • Chocolate wrapping gadgets - for popular Chocolate company

  • Steel shavings plate - for a stainless steel pots Company

  • Candy wrapping small plate

  • Red onion skin paperweight - for a food farming Company

5 reasons to buy from us

  1. You'll purchase the real Made in Italy
  2. You'll support local craftmanship
  3. You'll know what you buy and who's producing it
  4. You'll get a "piece of Tuscany" right beside you
  5. You'll buy a very unique piece

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