From the combination of natural elements with a special resin we create objects of daily use: centrepiece, trays, photo frames, where every colour and shade try to reproduce and “freeze” the Tuscan landscape.

The colourful patterns of our collections are a sort of reinterpretation of the Tuscan landscape showing us endless glimpses and nuances based on the passing of seasons: we like to think that people purchasing a Riccardo Marzi work, are bringing home an unusual postcard represented in a plate, in a tray or in a centerpiece. Over 40 years ago Riccardo Marzi invented a craft that did not exist before and together with his son Andrea and daughter Elena, he has been able to renew and reinterpret the product to keep up with the times.

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What you see online is just a small part of our production, in this catalogue you can find the whole Riccardo Marzi Collection.

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