A touch of color to your table is what you need to make your lunch and dinners very unique.

A wide range of colors and nuances is available so you can easily find a match between our objects and the rest of your table set (tablecloth, serving dishes, etc.).

The peculiarity of all our objects, including this collection, is that they’re made of a transparent clear resin, inside which, flowers, leaves, shells and other natural elements seem to be "suspended" forever, reminding the magic of fossil ambers: all the elements inside will keep that look and colours forever. The result will be objects of daily use that "seize" glimpses of natural landscapes, as if they were "living postcards".

All manufacturing phases are held at our laboratory near Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, inexhaustible showcase of the best Made in Italy craft products.

Search among the products and pick the matching you like the most!

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Appetizer set cm 13x38 h9

Appetizer set with real river pebbles embedded inside

75,00 €
Sales price: 61,00 €
61,00 €
Discount: -14,00 €

Bowl Livingstone Collection

Three-cornered bowl with real river pebbles embedded inside.

56,00 €
Sales price: 47,00 €
47,00 €
Discount: -9,00 €

Round Centerpiece Livingstone Collection diam cm 36 h17

Round Centerpiece with real river pebbles embedded inside.

220,00 €
Sales price: 175,00 €
175,00 €
Discount: -45,00 €

Sushi set cm 13x23 h2

Sushi set for 2 with real river pebbles embedded inside.

85,00 €
Sales price: 68,00 €
68,00 €
Discount: -17,00 €
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