"The man who moves a mountain begins

by carrying small stones away"

Chinese saying

Livingstone Collection (LS)

This line differs from the other collections despite its basis concept being the same: combination of natural elements inside a transparent resin.

In this specific case the idea was to reproduce a creek bed inside daily use objects;  in fact, pebbles give the items a considerable depth, as if we were looking at the bottom of a river through its clear water. As result you’ ve very plain but refined  items which can be match both to a country furniture and  a contemporary one.

The peculiarity of all our objects, including this Livingstone collection, is that they’re made of a transparent clear resin, inside which, flowers, leaves, shells and other natural elements, seem to be "suspended" forever, reminding the magic of fossil ambers: all the elements inside will keep that look and colours forever. The result will be objects of daily use that "seize" glimpses of natural landscapes, as if they were "living postcards".

Proof of the  uniqueness of this collection is the fact that two of Livingstone items have been included inside the prestigious selection of MoMaStore NY since more than  20 years.

All products listed below are handmade and manufactured our laboratory near Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, inexhaustible showcase of the best Made in Italy craft products.

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