We're glad to present our 2021 Christmas super discounted items.

These are two collections not included in our catalogue anymore: so we've decided to discount all the items on stock of the 50%.

As you can see they perfectly match to the Christmas theme in spite of not being the "typical" Christmas colours: with the right combination they'll make your Christmas very unique and stylish!

There's more! If you click on the drop-down menu of each item, you can chose the CHRISTMAS BOX version, including delicious chocolates: all wrapped in a "home made" Christmas package: a gift ready to be delivered your beloved ones. 

These are the delicious chocolates we've chosen for you:

- Ferrero Rocher©: a whole crunchy hazelnut in the heart, a delicious creamy hazelnut filling, a crisp wafer shell covered with chocolate and gently roasted pieces

- Moncheri©: "heart" of cherry floating in a liqueur and contained in a bittersweet chocolate housing
Merry Christmas!


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Latest Products

Photo frame cm 29x24

Medium Photo frame. Available in different colours: open the drop-down menu to see the ...

110,00 €
Sales price: 79,00 €
79,00 €
Discount: -31,00 €

Photo frame cm 35x29

Photo frame, Large. Available in two colours: open the drop-down menu to see the last two ...

120,00 €
Sales price: 65,00 €
65,00 €
Discount: -55,00 €

Top ten Products

Oval Centerpiece Pink oat cm 42x24 h7

Oval Centerpiece with real pink oat, eucalyptus leave and nigella embedded inside.Perfect ...

110,00 €
Sales price: 55,00 €
55,00 €
Discount: -55,00 €

Round Plate diam cm 36

Round plate with pink oat, nigella flowers and eucalyptus leaves embedded inside. Perfect ...

140,00 €
Sales price: 68,00 €
68,00 €
Discount: -72,00 €


Square tray cm 35x35 h cm 4

Square tray with real blue oat and nigella embedded inside. (chocolates not included)

127,00 €
Sales price: 65,00 €
65,00 €
Discount: -62,00 €

Oval tray cm 32x22

Oval tray with light blue oat and nigella embedded inside.

83,00 €
Sales price: 45,00 €
45,00 €
Discount: -38,00 €

Rectangular tray cm 40x24 h3

Rectagular tray with light blue oat and nigella flowers embedded inside. (Chocolates not ...

108,00 €
Sales price: 58,00 €
58,00 €
Discount: -50,00 €

Small Oval Bowl diam cm 16x22 h 6

Small Oval Bowl with real pink oat and nigella embedded inside. Perfect as Pot pourri ...

68,00 €
Sales price: 36,00 €
36,00 €
Discount: -32,00 €

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