Flower vase/fragrance diffuser Zagare Collection cm 27x12 h 15

Flower vase/fragrance diffuser Zagare Collection cm 27x12 h 15 Flower vase/fragrance diffuser Zagare Collection cm 27x12 h 15 Flower vase/fragrance diffuser Zagare Collection cm 27x12 h 15
Centerpiece, single flower stand/ home fragrance diffuser with real orange slices embedded inside.
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82,90 €
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Resin centerpiece with 3 glass beakers perfect to arrange a flower or to put your frangrance to perfume your home.

Elements from Nature, in this case real Sicilian citrus slices embedded in food-safe resin, create this original centerpiece.

Each item is handcrafted and unique as Nature always creates elements that are necessarily different from each other.

Used materials

This vase is made of Nature's elements embedded in a transparent material, as clear as glass but less delicate than glass: a food safe resin.

All the manufacturing processes needed to make this item, are completely hand made, thanks to the creativity and skills of our tuscan artisans.

The citrus slices coming from our wonderful and sunny Sicily, are previously dried and then embedded inside resin; once the item will be ready, the inside elements won't have any contact with the outside, they're vacuum-sealed, so they won't go through any changes over time and the item will keep its look and colours for ever.

Because we only use real materials, each item can be considered as one of a kind: there won't ever be an orange slice like an another one.

Although we take special care during the different manufacturing steps, occasional small imperfections in the product, should be considered as proof of being a unique handmade object.

The object is treated with a special foodsafe finishing.

Indications and directions for use

This centerpiece is a decorative item, perfect to beautify your living room. It's also a useful item: you can use it to arrange a flower or as a home fragrance diffuser by adding your favourite fragrance. The product includes 3 glass beakers and some wooden sticks to use as a home diffuser (the fragrance is not included).


The item has its own single recycled carton box, customized with our Company logo.

100% authentically made in Italy

A Logo "RM - made in Italy" is embedded in the back side of each object as a guarantee of the italian origin of all our production.

Furthermore, inside each package we enclose a certificate of guarantee telling more about the product, where and how it is made.

An ideal packaging to enhance the value of your gift, entirely handmade in Tuscany.

Use and mantainance

Hand clean with mild soſt dish soap and water. Dishwasher not recommended; not for microwave use. Cutting with sharp knife should be avoided.

Our items are not as delicate as glass but that doesn't mean they're unbreakable!

Sun exposure for long periods could affect the colours by making them less intense and vivid. This item is food safe.


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