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Tuscan Christmas box


This year if you can't go to Italy, we'll bring Italy to you! Support us in these "tricky" time!

We’ve selected some of the typical Tuscan comfort food, according to our culinary traditions, and combined them with one of our items.

You’ll find a Tuscan fresh made extravirgin olive oil made with our delicious Tuscan olives: simply pour some oil with our lovely cruet on a fresh made bread and you’ll get a typical “fettunta” Fettunta is another name

Tuscans give to bruschetta, a toasted slice of bread doused in good olive oil.

Try the magical match of “Cantuccini” (served in one of our elegant bowl) with VinSanto: literally dunk the cantuccino into the Vinsanto…and discover the delicious taste of this traditional and

Serve your chocolates Baci Perugina in one of our elegant bowls.

Serve your “Aglio olio e peperoncino Spaghetti” in our Chili pepper bowl, using these delicious home made spaghetti seasoned with herb and spicy oil

Or choose our flavoured truffle oil to season a homemade pasta: everything served in our mixed beans bowls…

We’ll deliver your Christmas box to you or to one of your beloved. Just make sure to order it in time cause we remind you that we deliver from Italy.

The box has a special Christmas price: we actually give you the Tuscan delicacies as free gift, you’ll only pay our item and the shipment.

Each item included inside the box will be wrapped in a red paper with our logo and everything will be shipped in a Christmas box wrapped with a red tape (see picture)

Since we cannot travel, we bring you Tuscany at your home!

Latest Products

Box 3 Spoon rest and Truffle oil

Spoonrest mad with real red chili and spices embedded inside a resin + a can of truffle ...

42,00 €
Sales price: 35,00 €
35,00 €
Discount: -7,00 €

Cake tray + Panettone (italian Xmas Cake)

Cake Trayl with real fern, butcher's broom and red beads embedded inside a transparent ...

110,00 €
Sales price: 99,00 €
99,00 €
Discount: -11,00 €

Top ten Products

Bowl + Pasta + truffle oil

Bowl with mixed beans embedded inside a transparent resin. Pack of Strigoli (type of ...

127,00 €
Sales price: 114,00 €
114,00 €
Discount: -13,00 €

Small Round Bowl + Chocolate box

Small Bowl with real ears of wheat, oat and red flower bells embedded inside a ...

82,00 €
Sales price: 72,00 €
72,00 €
Discount: -10,00 €


Bowl + Spaghetti+ herbs+ spicy oil

Bowl with red chili peppers embedded inside a transparent resin. Pack of Spaghetti, mixed ...

133,60 €
Sales price: 119,00 €
119,00 €
Discount: -14,60 €

Box 5 Bowl + Cantucci + Vinsanto

Bowl with ears of wheat and red bell flowers embedded inside a transparent resin. Pack of ...

89,00 €
Sales price: 79,00 €
79,00 €
Discount: -10,00 €

Box 6 Square Tray+ Ricciarelli

SquareTray with ears of wheat and red bell flowers embedded inside a transparent resin. ...

90,00 €
Sales price: 79,00 €
79,00 €
Discount: -11,00 €

Oil Cruet + EVO bottle

Oil/Vinegar Set with ears of wheat and red bellflowers embedded inside + EVO bottle.

68,00 €
Sales price: 59,00 €
59,00 €
Discount: -9,00 €

Oil Cruet + Square plate+ EVO bottle

Oil/Vinegar Set and Square plate with ears of wheat and red bellflowers embedded inside ...

122,00 €
Sales price: 109,00 €
109,00 €
Discount: -13,00 €

5 reasons to buy from us

  1. You'll purchase the real Made in Italy
  2. You'll support local craftmanship
  3. You'll know what you buy and who's producing it
  4. You'll get a "piece of Tuscany" right beside you
  5. You'll buy a very unique piece

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